Journey’s escalator series are able to meet the requirements
of various kinds of conditions due to the excellent, practical
and flexible design. The VVVF and man-machine engineering
as well as the application of the advanced manufacturing
technology make the escalators more perfect, safe, comfortable,
energy-saving and maintenance easier.

Standard configuration:
Step width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
Type: Commercial type / Heavy-duty type / Large height
Max. vertical rise: 15m
Horizontal span: Two / Three
Inclination: 30° / 35°
Speed: 0.5m/s
Arrangement: Single / Parallel / Continuous / Crisscross
Handrail: Synthetic rubber (Black, other color can be selective.)
Balustrade: Transparent tempered safety glass, 10mm thickness
Balustrade profile: Handrail stainless steel
Inner and outer decking: Handrail stainless steel
Step: Stainless steel (Indoors); High intensity aluminum alloyintegrted die-casting, gray or black(Outdoors)
Skirting: Hairline stainless steel
Comb: Synthetic resin, yellow (Indoors); Die-casting aluminum (Outdoors)
Landing plate: Etched stainless steel with anti-slip patterns


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