Home Elevator

Power saving design: We adopt single phase 220V power supply (refrigerator power). When
the lift stop s exceeds of the setting period, the energy saving lighting and ventilation fan
inside cabin will automatically stopped which greatly saves your power at home.

Low noise and low vibration: Variable frequency operation mode.for lift travel and parking
performing quietly and smoothly.

The feasibility of establishing a lift in the villa: Steel
structure, wooden structure, RC building, residential building expansion and rebuilding are
always applicable.

Door opening delay function: Continuously press the calling button on landing or this floor
number on COP for over 3 seconds, the door opening state will last for 3 minutes. It is very
convenient for the loading or unloading the wheelchair or luggage. (The time can be set
according to the customers’ requriements.)

Back-up battery operation and auto door opening device in power failure: In case of power
failure, this device will be automatically activated and move to the next floor, door opens and
releases the passengers inside the cabin.

Telephone: A telephone is fixed inside the cabin. When the lift can not be started due to some
trouble, this telephone will be used for the emergency contacting outside.


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