Hydraulic Elevator

No need machine room on the top floor.

Comfortable riding, and hydraulic protortional valve can relize stepless speed regulation.

Low requirements on the building, no vertical force is accepted on the building.

Safe and reliable, the main pump transfer the hydraulic oil to push the cabin moving up, and the elevator naturally moves down under the weight
of cabin when the valve is open, which is very energy saving and without any steel rope consumption. And all the weight is accepted by the shaft
bottom with high endurability for the earthquake and safety operation.

Convenient configuration, machine room can be fixed within 10 meters near the shaft with the square meter of 2mx2m, which is adequate to
hold the equipment with the enough space for the installation, maintenance. Reasonable distribution is possible combining the construction

Easy loading, simple structure, a weight of 50T can be loaded easily, safetyly by adjusting the diameter and quantity of the plungers.

Reduce invest cost, overhead of over 3.6meters can be just workable. The machine room can be fixed as per the construction design, making
the outlook more reasonable, beautiful and presenting general valve philosophy.

Easy failure elimination, the passengers can be rescued easily when trapped or power failure.


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