MRL Elevator

Journey’s MRL elevator is covering wide range elevator product, such as MRL passenger elevator, MRL panoramic elevator, MRL hospital elevator, MRL freight elevator, etc, which is the best solution for the passengers and goods transport in the office building, shopping mall, logistic center, libraries, factories, warehouse, etc.

Permanent Magnet Synchronized Gearless Traction Machine
Installed on the shaft top, saving the space tremendously
Save 40% energy consumption comparing with traditional machine, reliable and durable
Compact PMS motor, light in weight and moves quietly
No need lubrication and environmental
Integrated Control Cabinet
The integrative design of the main control board and inverter, ensure of very low fault rate
The compact and slender design saves the install space effectively
Adopt the new IPM module, reliable performance
Serial communication makes the signal transmission more accurate and fast
Can be linked with various kinds of elevator monitoring systems
Smooth moving
PMSG traction machine is light in weight, compact structure and small in size, which can save the space inside the shaft and make the shaft arrangement more easily.
MAX. floor: 32F/S; Travel: 100m
Capacity: As per the require



Highly sensitive buttons

Voice prompt system

Humane handrails

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